Bear's Little Labs

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                                                     Bear's Little Gentle Ben  

Gentle Ben came to us in December 2010. Ben is a well pedigreed Lab with a show champion background. Ben exhibits the perfect disposition of the Labrador Retriever. His appearance, because of his size is intimidating to some, but we have found him to be just a big gentle boy. We did not choose Ben because of his color, as he came to us through a unique situation. That said, he is as white as he looks and he has produced some beautiful puppies for us. We look forward to many more years of having Ben as both companion and "daddy" to more beautiful babies.



                                                          Bear's Little Abigail (Abby)

Abby has been a real treat to have around the kennel.  She is the great, great granddaughter of Snow's mother, Little Girl. That said, her intelligence is up there with the best. She is a retrieving fool and has a love for water that is unbelievable. With her drive and energy, we feel we can mix that with the ease and "grace" of Gentle Ben, and in turn produce some wonderful puppies.


                                                   Bear's Little Lucky 'Q'  

'Q', yes that's it, just 'Q'! We had an aqua ribbon on him in the 2008 litter and it seemed easier to say Q rather than aqua. But anyway, he has turned out to be a gentle giant like his father Sam and his grandfather Bear. 'Q' has produced  some wonderful puppies with Maggie and we currently have one of his granddaughters Sunnie, in our kennel. Every visitor loves 'Q'  because of his desire to retrieve and love you.....hey that is the two main traits of the Labrador, is it not?

                                            Bear's Little Maggie Mae 

We acquired Maggie when she was already six months old. She was a "little different" than most of the other dogs. Mag had a little more of the competitive spirit  than some of the older laid back guys in the kennel. However, she has found her place and we dearly love her. She has produced some beautiful pups, some hunters and some just lounging labs. 

                                       Bear's Little Snowqueen's Kate

Kate is our girl, kept from the last litter from Gentle Ben and Snow. She is a beautiful and big female BenShe had her first litter last fall, six beautiful yellow and black guys. They turned out beautiful and we have them in beautiful loving homes. With the hunting background  of Snow and the confirmation heritage of Ben, she should produce quite a variety of puppies. She loves the water and will tire you in her retrieving skills and then will just stand and let you love on her.

                                                            Bear's Little Sunnie Delight

Sunnie was two years old December 7. She is actually the granddaughter of our Maggie and the daughter of Gentle Ben. She is a beautiful young female now and is a little on the long form like her grandfather 'Q' but has the color and tenacity of her grandmother. Sunnie will hopefully be bred to a black or possibly fox red and we should have some great puppies either way.

               Bear's Little Redcoat BJ of Huntfield    

 BJ came to us from the Huntfield Kennels out of Mississippi. We have always loved the Fox Red color on the Labrador(see Bear and Paddy at Labs we have Loved), and since losing our males a few years ago we determined to find another at some point. Some of BJ's, not too far back, ancestors originated in England and we find that he shares many traits with them. BJ is full of energy and drive but at the same time as in the picture below, wants to love and be loved. It is our goal to breed his brilliant color into  our varied girls for a beautiful broad spectrum of yellow color.

We see here that after running and retrieving with his kennel mates he still wants to be loved and love you back, which by the way is the true trait of the Labrador Retriever.